Alcantara wanted to join Man United, says Rio Ferdinand

Rio Ferdinand has claimed Thiago Alcantara wanted to join Manchester United.

Alcantara wanted to join United during David Moyes’ era but ended up signing for Bayern Munich from Barcelona. The Spaniard has been one of the standout performers for Jurgen Klopp’s side in their last two games, earning praise for his performances.


“I spoke to him (previously),” he said. 

“He spoke perfect English – great guy. He wanted to come to United.”

“But you look at him now and he could not be happier. With Thiago, you could have probably gone to a huge, huge amount of the fanbase at Liverpool and (they) would have said after last season that he isn’t good enough.”

“They may have said ‘he ain’t the player we thought he was. Playing in the German league, slowing them down, let’s get him out’.

“I saw ex-players and pundits talking about getting him out as he doesn’t play the ball forward or that he ‘ain’t right, ain’t ready for this league’.”

“Players need time, and it goes back to this thing with managers with Man United as well, the club needs to give the manager at Manchester United patience. Clubs need to give, the fans need to give players, ones from other leagues especially, patience – [Jadon] Sancho’s another example, I bet you see a better player next season, I’m sure.”

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