Indians most optimistic in A-Pac about job prospects

New Delhi [India], December 22 (ANI): India’s resilience as it prepares to embrace a new year and a potential vaccine drive is reflected in the optimism of its workers over the job market, majority of whom are upbeat about the chances of their pay rise next year, a study by global job site Indeed has found.

Nearly 64 per cent said they were optimistic about their chances at better career opportunities and 56 per cent about a pay rise in 2021. Yet 54 per cent said they will not pursue other job opportunities even if approached by other employers, some citing current workplace satisfaction and most citing job insecurity.


Speaking of resilience, more than two in five employers said decisions taken at the outset of pandemic were effective in ensuring their business continuity. About 66 per cent employers also credited their workforce for pulling together and helping their company in this time of crisis.

The Indeed global survey measured sentiment of 3,600 employers and 14,142 employees across the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, India, France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Singapore, Mexico, Brazil and Canada between November 13 and 20.

This included 251 employers and 1,015 employees in India. The research was conducted by Censuswide.

Although forced into lockdown this year, Indian workers cited greater family time and inclusion or flexibility as positive side effects. About two in five workers said more time with family and more opportunities to work from home had the biggest impact on their personal circumstances in 2020.

The study notes interestingly that both employers and workers share polarised views about work-life balance and how they expect the future to pan out. Nearly 41 per cent employers and 39 per cent employees said lines between work and life have permanently blurred, with another 40 per cent employers and employees saying lines are more separate than ever.

As Indians look to the future, a 59 per cent majority said they expected workplaces in 2021 to show greater consideration to hygiene, health and safety with another 44 per cent citing mental well-being as the second most important consideration.

Sashi Kumar, Managing Director of Indeed India, said COVID-19 disrupted economies of the world but it also created an opportunity for the workforce and workplace to adapt, pivot and re-imagine.

This research shows that some of the changes undergone in 2020 will have a lasting impact with both employers and workers eyeing greater flexibility in work methods and placing a new emphasis on health and hygiene.

“Our study also shows that employee well-being and work-life balance are now workplace imperatives while skilling will be an important conversation for organisations to drive in 2021.”As the world’s second largest labour market moves towards its economic recovery, how organisations redefine their talent strategies and workplace practices will play a critical role in how India prepares for the future of work, he added.

Indeed allows job seekers to search millions of jobs on the web or mobile in over 60 countries and 28 languages. More than 250 million people each month search for jobs, post resumes, and research companies on the site. (ANI)

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